Doubutsu Uranai thingie...

Lo encontre x ahi asi q ahi va~

You are Yellow Fawn, who tend to be idyllic, not pretentious, and seem to give an impression of a tomboy, and someone who hates to lose. 
Nevertheless, you are a woman with gentle heart and rather old fashioned ways of thinking. 
You enjoy having life with atmosphere, and shows consideration and care for others. 
But you can be very fussy about your preferences.
You dislike anything that is dishonest, and have passion and cuteness. 
Your weakness is that you can be bit selfish at times.
You are honest hard working person. 
Relationships that you feel safe tend to be restricted, and therefore, you are easily influenced by people and situation around you. 
You can not easily adapt to changes.
You think high of morality. 
You are easily moved by tears, and are honest and sentimental sort of person.
You tend to restrict your self with your cautiousness, and this may result in isolation. 
You tend to be difficult to get to know, and will require time to become friend with.
Nevertheless, once your character is understood, you will be able to keep a long and steady friendship.
If you keep doing favors for those people who always ask you, you may lose your good fortune. 
So, be careful. 
You are not a housewife type of person, but you can be dependent on your husband.

podria decirse q la mayoria es cierto...~

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