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lol los robe del dA de Puri xD~
esto es como los LJcuts desu yo~! )

APH Situation Survey- A day off!

You are spending your time with the 92 APH members on your day off.
Choose the option you like the most.

You just woke up. Today is Sunday.
1."Hurry up and wake up, kono obakasanga." Austria who prepared breakfast and came to wake you up at 7 am.
2."What? You're waking up already?" It's past noon but Spain's arms are wrapped around you.
3."I recorded the morning anime for you." Isn't it for your self, Japan?

Weeeee animeeee~~ lol

What will you do today?
1."A wedding with brother." Belarus. Of course.
2."I want to plant Sunflower seeds. It's ok with you right?" Russia who smiles at you innocently.
3."The other day I bought Japan's new game!" Alfred who brings out two controllers.

e.e~ ire con Al... pero solo porque son juegos de Kiku-san ù.u~ 

What will you do for lunch?
1."It's almost done~." You smell something really good coming from the kitchen, and see France cooking with his apron on.
2."The fried rice is ready! Eat it." China who offers you fried rice.
3."Al dente is good for your pasta right?" "What do you want the sauce to be~?" Romano and Feliciano making pasta for you!

Ahhh~ xq no pueden ser las 3???~
Nose, quiero tasharines =D=

It's such a nice day! So you go outside.
1."I get sleepy when its warm..." Play with a cat with Greece.
2."Doesn't this taste really good?" You eat freshly picked tomatoes with Spain.
3."I can't get it right." Blow bubbles with Sealand.

Sealanddddddddddddddddd!!! yo te enseñare a soplar burbujitas~ ♥

It suddenly started to rain!
1."Oh! I need to go take in the laundry!" A housewife like Lithuania.
2."Hey.......I can see through your clothes." Perverted Britannia angel Arthur who is looking away from you, blushing.
3."Don't cause me trouble by getting sick." Ludwig who dries your hair with a towel when getting back to his house.
Arthurrrrhurrhurrrr  lol

The day is almost over.
1."You bought that can of beer I asked for, didn't you?" You nod and Prussia pats you on the head.
2."Let's watch this drama together!" Watch a Korean drama with S Korea
3."Stop staying awake and go to sleep!" You were watching TV but was ordered to bed by Switzerland.

asd nose, no me gusta casi ninguna ·u·~ pero es Puu-chan ♥


APH Chibi dream Survey
 One day the Hetalia characters shrank and are back to their child self.
 You will spend one day with them.
 Choose your favorite action made by characters.

When you wake up in the morning...
1)"Nnya...." Don't sleep naked! Chibitalia
2)"This is a dream isn't it?" Chibi Kiku who can't accept reality.
3)"Hm? The cat expanded in size..."You shrank! Chibi Greece.

Greece ♥

So it's breakfast・・・
1)"...ooo....I can't reach it!!" Chibi Romano who stretches to reach his food.
2)"You're going to feed me, right?" Chibi Ivan who is still Ivan even as a kid.
3)"Mu...I can't eat this. You eat it." Chibi China who is being fed by you.

esta bien, ya que insistes Chuugoku (?)

Ok, now what.
1)"Ok then like, play with meeee" Chibi Poland
2)"Although I shrank, I still need to train everyday!" Chibi Ludwig who tries to wear his uniform but the sleeves are drooping on the floor.
3)"I want to make dessert" ChibiAustria....

Enseñame a hacer Selva Negra Austria-san~~

It's time for noon nap time!
1)"Help me get into my pajamas." Isn't it only a noon nap time? Chibi Switzerland.
2)"Ok, so we're sleeping together right?" Chibi France who can't hide his excitement.
3)"It....it's not that I can't sleep by myself...." Chibi Arthur who is grabbing your hand.

x33333 *pokes Igirichu*

Now it's time to take a bath.
1)"I'll be in first!" Chibi South Korea who gets naked in 3 seconds.
2)"Wha....no I can't..." Chibi Kiku who is embarrassed and hids in a corner.
3)"Ahh....That was good!" Chibi Canada who is already out.

lol Canada 8D

The next day they returned to their normal selves.
1)"Oh yes finally! It's hard to take care of Poland when I'm small." Lithuania who starts to rant.
2)"I'm back to normal!" Even though you're back you're still small...*niyo niyo* - Sealand
3)"Hey! I'm the only one not turning back!" Oh...you're the only one? ChibiGilbo

lol Gilbo 8DDD


[Hetalia decision survery] 

You were invited to their house.
1.Russia- although you don't have an airplane ticket back.
2.England- Don't really want his scones
3.Italy- You might become Italian

por que no querria sus scones D:? no es tan mala la comida

Which do you want to play with?
1.Greece's cat
2.England's unicorn
3.America's alien

el unicornio lololol orz

You think you can either...
1.Stop the drunk England from going crazy
2.Fight back at France who is trying to *beep* you.
3.Sealing Mr. Dangerous. (as in Russia)

No se D:u y xq qrria detener a Onii-san? el es el "sekai no onii-san" u//u~

An unlikely person sends you a letter asking to be your friend.
1.Are you sick or something? -Switzerland
2.Did something bad happen? - Germany
3.Wonder if he's up to something... - Prussia

No entendi bien D:u pero Puu-chan -3-

Right when you were about to fall asleep, a kid snuggles into your bed.
1."Sleep with meeee!" Chibi America who watched a horror movie
2."It....It's not that I'm lonely..." Chibi England who's voice is getting smaller.
3."Weh, let's sleep together!" So cute....Chibitalia

Igirichuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu~ aslkdjaslkdj *me~ruto♪(?)*

For this survey you will tag...
1."at least 10 people, right?" Scary Russia...
2."Send it to 5 people."And order by Austria.
3."let the people tag theirselves" China who seems he doesn't care.

Ahahah China 8D


[Hetalia decision survey 2]

You're hungry...
1."I didn't make it just for you! They're just left overs!" A wonderful tsundere, England.
2."Do you want to eat at my house?" Japn who offers delicious food.
3."Eat cheese." What...are you serious? Switzerland

"Oh, y que son esas cortadas Arthur?" 8DDDD
no me molestaria lo otro la verdad e.e~

Today is Valentines Day!
1."What? For me? Thanks!!"Spain who is very happy to get one.
2."Like really? Thanks!" Poland who seems pretty happy and hugs you.
3."...what? M, me!?" Prussia who is blushing like crazy.

Puuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu~ ♥

If you can shrink someone with a miracle....
1."What are you thinking?" Russia who....you don't want to know what he'll do to you.
2."What? Am I being targeted?" Yep, Brother France.
3."What are you going to do with me!?" Going to shrink you, Austria.

*France-niichan winks(??)*
Pero igual Austria-san se ve mas flustered x3~

Who would you choose to make him wear a Halloween costume?
1."He...Hey, STOP!"No we're not stopping....Germany.
2."Weh~! What are do you want me to wear?" Seems like he's up to it. Italy.
3."What...what? Naniaruka!?" China.

Ahahah Doitsu -w-~ se escucha mas moé(?)

For this survey you will tag...
1."At leat 10 people!!!" South Korea.
2."Around 5 people?" Sweden who is prett serious about it.
3."One...? Someone?" Lithuania who is trying his best.

Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ;3;~ extrañe a Fin en estos tags asd

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